Why Twitter might be just the ticket


I confess to being a bit baffled by Twitter. I just haven’t felt the need for minute-by-minute updates on what my friends are doing, or seen any reason to bore them with such a running commentary from me.

But Mukund Mohan reckons Twitter saved him US$102 in four minutes, and his post is entertaining as well as informative. The point, he says, is to use Twitter intelligently:

1. Don’t sign up to be followers for a bunch of “known influential twitterers” – much as I like some of them its too much information with not much value. – Keep it close to your friends and really people that can benefit from knowing “what are you doing”?

2. If I could setup folders of friends who I want to send messages to, that’s better. Beats email – which is SLOWWWWWWWW.

3. If you have a globally located team – like we do at Canvas Group, then twitter is awesome for team based collaboration. No point getting frustrated that Kalpesh is not returning calls quick enough from Bangalore because I know he’s with his friends at a bowling alley where connectivity is poor.

Video from G4TV: Will Twitter make us too connected?