Globe differentiates business coverage in print and online

There are changes today to the Globe & Mail’s business coverage in print and online.

Editor in chief Edward Greenspon says Globe staffers working on the redesign recommended moving financial data from print to the web:

The days of acres and acres of newsprint being devoted to yesterday’s stock listings are over. We were told to further build up our online capacities and to make the market listings pages in the paper more forward looking.

Thus was born, also launching Monday [today]. It will bring together all our business and investment news, comment and tools into a single portal, replete with a tackle box full of new data streams. In the newspaper itself, the financial data pages will retain a base of information about the previous day’s markets, but add new analytical features designed to provide the means for investors to render better trading judgments today.

That is exactly how the web and print editions should be complementing each other.

The Globe also extends its lifestyle coverage cross Monday-Friday, as mentioned in a post last week.

The new print edition is narrower (12 inches) with minimal margins and new custom-made typefaces that are more compact. To see the old and new together, click on the “more” link below.


April 19, 2007 Globe & Mail front page April 23, 2007 Globe & Mail

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