Gap widens between top NZ news sites

Nielsen Top Websites General News Category Jan 2012

Latest data from Neilsen show that has extended its lead in the General News category with growth of 29 per cent in the number of NZ-based average daily unique browsers when compared to the same category ranking a year ago.

The Wellington-based site, owned by Fairfax, now enjoys a lead of 48 per cent over long-time rival, owned by APN.

Just six months ago, the margin between the top two sites was 25 per cent. has increased its New Zealand-based news visitors by more than ten per cent while has lost almost seven per cent since August of last year.

Third-placed is down slightly in the same period, while fourth-placed and fifth-placed BBC (no URL cited) have both gained slightly.

All figures are based on NZ domestic traffic to the news sections of the various websites. They do not indicate total visitors or page views.

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    09 February 2012

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