What’s hot – just for fun!

There are several ways to use the web to find out which of two items is more popular.

Take this weekend’s Tri-Nations match between Australia and South Africa. From the 49-0 thrashing they received in their last encounter with Australia, you could be forgiven for thinking the Springboks are down and out. Let’s see…

According to Googlefight, there are 2,770,000 search results on Google for Wallabies, with the Springboks slightly ahead on 2,930,000.

FlickrTagFight shows there are 302 pictures on Flickr tagged “Wallabies” and a mere 60 tagged “Springboks”.

And Technorati reveals 9654 blog postings that mention “Wallabies” and only 3032 mentioning “Springboks”.

Hard to tell from this. May have to watch the game. [Results may have changed, of course, by the time you view this.]