Super Bowl ads include user-generated pitches

[youtube 13g-9C9Qo4Y]

TV commercials from the Super Bowl are online at CBS Sportsline, including the ad for Bud Light (above) and an animated Coca Cola spot (below) that makes me wish all video games ended this way.

[youtube MBKaLN5zU9Y]

There was user-generated advertising this year too, including a pitch for Doritos by 21-year-old Dale Backus whose sense of humour isn’t quite the same as mine (oh well).

But somehow this year’s ads seemed a bit bland compared with some of the classics from previous Super Bowls, such as the “herding cats” ad for EDS, or the Pepsi ad with the two truck drivers in the diner.

Critiques of this year’s ads are here and here.