Radio stunt blamed for woman’s death

[youtube Ks-MBtZXpjY]
FURTHER UPDATE – Audio of the on-air competition has been posted on YouTube, complete with the disc jockeys laughing about the possibility that one of their contestants could die. Hat tip: Spare Room.

UPDATE – Ten staff at KDND-FM have been fired over the radio promotion, reports

ORGINAL POST – A radio station’s promotion for the Nintendo Wii game is being blamed for the death of a California woman.

Sacramento radio station KDND-FM ran a studio competition last Friday morning called “Hold your Wee for a Wii”. The aim of this imbecilic competition was to find out which contestant could drink the most water without going to the toilet.

About two hours after drinking nearly two US gallons [8 litres] of water, a 28-year-old contestant was found dead. A preliminary autopsy found the woman died of water intoxication.

As sad as this stunt is (and outlandish competitions are not uncommon in the radio business), it’s equally appalling that 18 people would put their health at risk to win an electronic toy.

Ironically, KDND-FM promotes itself as “The End“.

Its website makes no reference to the tragic death, but its morning staff do not appear in the list of DJs.