Internet and magazines defy US ad slump

Ad spending by medium, 2007 Q1

Ad spending across all media in the United States declined 0.3 per cent in the first quarter of this year, compared with the same period last year, according to estimates compiled by TNS Media Intelligence.

Spending on television, newspapers and radio was down, but more advertising dollars went to magazines and to the internet. Online spending recorded the largest percentage change of any medium.

TNS MI estimated that internet display advertising soared 16.7% to US$2.7 billion during the first quarter of 2007, and that estimate is likely conservative as TNS MI does not currently track online search ad spending.

Six of the top ten US advertisers spent less than a year ago, with General Motors slashing its ad budget by more than 30 per cent. Other major firms to reduce advertising were Procter & Gamble, AT&T, Time Warner, Walt Disney, and Johnson & Johnson.

DaimlerChrysler increased its ad spending by more than 12 per cent, and there were smaller increases at Ford, Verizon, and Sprint Nextel.