Future of ‘news’ consumption

Steve Outing at Editor & Publisher has a thought-provoking straw poll on where news consumption is heading.

Outing quotes Robin Sloan of Current TV who puts it succinctly:

I think ‘news’ just becomes a less distinct category. You don’t sit down with a newspaper, or even a news website, or even a super wireless e-paper device, for 10 minutes in the morning to very formally ‘get your news.’ Rather, you get all sorts of news and information — from the personal to the professional to the political — throughout the day, in little bits and bursts, via many different media. With any luck, in 5-10 years the word ‘news’ will be sort of confusing: Don’t you just mean ‘life’?

Sloan’s tips for newspapers that hope be remain relevant (and in business):

1. Aggressively expand your view of what counts as news, both in terms of subject and source.

2. Get that expanded news out there, everywhere, via every channel you can imagine, digital and non-digital alike. A news organization should be like a big crazy octopus of information, with tentacles reaching everywhere.