Facebook as a marketing platform

If you thought Facebook was just about staying in touch with friends, or finding long-lost schoolmates, then you’ll be blown away by Facebook Fanatic, a book whose authors say they will reveal:

  • 75 Ways to Buzz Your Band
  • Popularity Tips and Tricks to Make You Facebook Royalty
  • Coolest Profile Names and URLs
  • Get Celebrities and Famous Bands as Your Friend
  • Poking and Prodding, Oh My
  • Rock the Facebook Vote
  • Be a Blog Hog
  • Climbing the Wall
  • Go Underground on Facebook with Little Used Privacy Settings
  • Make Money Off Your Videos
  • 55 Ways for Authors to Buzz Their Book
  • 70 Ways to Get Films Recognized
  • 40 Ways to Zoom a Political Campaign

As the promo on says: “Read today and rule Facebook tomorrow!”

I haven’t read the book, but maybe I’m not dreaming big enough. 😉