Doing hyperlocal with style

Oswego neighborhood circle front page

I quite like the look of this hyperlocal site for the Chicago suburb of Oswego. It’s among the first of 30 new citizen journalism sites to be developed by the Sun-Times News Group, under the Neighborhood Circle banner.

Yes, it’s colourful, but this isn’t meant to be the Grey Lady, after all.

John Cary, senior new media operations director at STNG told

[The new sites] will be in areas where we have existing footprints so they will be an extension of our community papers that already have a site, but these will be micro zones.

The sites will serve communities as small as 10,000 people, says Information uploaded by the community will be moderated and fact-checked prior to publication. 

Already, there’s some interesting content on the Oswego site, and the design is much more professional than what one sees at a lot of suburban paper sites. Check it out.