Social networking attracts virtually all US youth

A couple of highlights from US research reported yesterday at Advertising Age: A whopping 96% of online tweens and teens connect to a social network at least once a week, according to a study and white paper being released today from Alloy Media & Marketing, a youth-oriented marketing firm. And nearly half engaged with a brand […]

Readers choose linear navigation for slideshows

Research published yesterday by the Online Journalism Review suggests that online readers tend to use linear navigation tools when viewing a slideshow. The study had 34 people view a 40-slide show at The show provided three options for linear navigation: a forward arrow button, a “next” button and autoplay. There were two non-linear options: an […]

Doing hyperlocal with style

I quite like the look of this hyperlocal site for the Chicago suburb of Oswego. It’s among the first of 30 new citizen journalism sites to be developed by the Sun-Times News Group, under the Neighborhood Circle banner. Yes, it’s colourful, but this isn’t meant to be the Grey Lady, after all. John Cary, senior new […]

Design an Olympics logo

Unimpressed by the logo [above] for the 2012 London Olympics unveiled this week? You’re not alone. The BBC website has a number of alternatives, submitted by its readers, including some very nice work. If you’d like to try your hand, you might ponder this advice from Seth Godin: If you’re given the task of finding a […]

Holovaty quits Washington Post to build local site tools

Journalist/programmer [and Web 2.0 rock star] Adrian Holovaty is leaving, where he has been editor of editorial innovations since September 2005, to form a new web business. Hovolaty’s new project is called EveryBlock, and he today picked up a US$1.1 million grant to kick it off. The money will come from the Knight Foundation News Challenge awards which […]

Creating and managing online communities

This post, by Metafilter creator Matthew Haughey should be required reading for anyone trying to set up or manage an online community. Like Matthew, I cringe at the term “user-generated content” and much prefer “community”. The terminology reflects — and affects — our attitude, and the right attitude is essential to building a healthy and […]