Us Now

The one-hour video Us Now is an excellent primer on web-enabled social innovation, with examples that include Couch Surfing, Slice the Pie and Zopa. And for a taste of participatory democracy, there’s the remarkable Ebbsfleet United, “the world’s first and only web community-owned football club” (not to mention FA Trophy winners).

Blow your mind with Wolfram Alpha

I’ve been playing with the new Wolfram Alpha “computational knowledge engine” and I think one of the best terms to describe it is straight out of the 1960s: “mind blowing”. Wolfram Alpha is not about searching for web pages (Google is still pretty good at that) but, rather, about getting answers to numerical questions, computed […]

Six ways to make Web 2.0 work

The latest McKinsey Quarterly analyses the benefits to business of Web 2.0 technologies (see chart below)… … and offers six tips on how to get the most from them: The transformation to a bottom-up culture needs help from the top. The best uses come from users—but they require help to scale. What’s in the workflow […]

Publishing goes high-tech

Research and development departments are not something one generally associates with newspaper companies – even those that have remodelled themselves as multi-channel news companies. But at the New York Times, Nick Bilton leads a team designing technologies “that will become commonplace in a 24-48-month time frame.” Another sign that the Times is investing now for […]