Warning: this post contains graphic scenes

Today, a roundup of some graphs related to yesterday’s release of newspaper circulation numbers in the United States. Warning, these graphs may disturb anyone who believes printed news isn’t fading fast. Discretion is advised. How much has newspaper household penetration fallen since WW2? From almost 130 per cent to only 33 per cent. Allan Mutter […]

Washington Post redesigns mobile services

The Washington Post has launched a new selection of mobile services, including an iPhone-optimized site, a BlackBerry application, and other variations to work on cellphones. The services use a simplified navigation structure, comprising Politics, Business, Metro, Arts and Lifestyle, and Sports sections. MediaPost reports that the services were built in-house, and that two editors have […]

Washington Posts fires blogger, then dives for cover

It’s fascinating to compare these two accounts of the sacking of washingtonpost.com White House Watch blogger Dan Froomkin: From the Washington City Paper, full of juicy quotes from Post insiders From the Washington Post’s ombudsman, who got stonewalled by his own colleagues. Hat tip: Jay Rosen UPDATE July 7: Froomkin joins huffingtonpost.com as Washington DC […]