Trends: Blog monitors and more UGC

A leading New York marketer predicts that 2007 will see the arrival of blog monitors in PR agencies. That’s one of ten forecasts offered by Renegade Marketing CEO Drew Neisser on The Wise Marketer website (requires registration). In 2007 marketers will enhance their ability to defend against potentially ruinous blog attacks by dedicating resources to […]

Remembering September 11

It’s going to be hard to avoid references to the Sept 11 attacks during the next few days. Over at readers are sharing their thoughts, and their “learnings”, five years after the attacks which killed 3000 people. For many Americans, it’s a time to recall where they were at the time. Readers of Manhattan-based Rocketboom for example, […]

High school radio lessons

Everyone knows that high school students are some of the most ardent radio listeners. More remarkable is the fact that thousands of them actually run their own FM stations at school, carrying on a tradition that began fifty years ago. Actor Harrison Ford honed his skills on a high school station in Illinois. And the writers […]