Video: Microsoft’s amazing surface computer

This video has been floating around for a few days on blogs and on Digg, but it’s so good, I wanted to be sure to include it here too. It’s a report by on Microsoft’s new coffee-table computer — a device that uses “multi-touch” input to manipulate files, and which can recognize and interact with actual objects […]

Microsoft finally gets an online ad company

Microsoft may have lost out to Google on the purchase of DoubleClick, but the software giant has at last bought an online advertising company. And it had to look no further than nearby Seattle. Microsoft announced this morning that it will acquire aQuantive [the parent of better-known names such as Avenue A | Razorfish, Atlas […]

YahooSoft versus GoogleClick

Yahoo and Microsoft may be considering a merger in order to fight the rapidly growing Google. Reports today in the Wall St Journal and the New York Post quote unnamed sources as indicating informal merger/takeover talks have occurred. The Post says Microsoft is getting more insistent, having lost out to Google last month in the […]