Meeker on mobile

Analyst Mary Meeker believe we have only begun to see the growth of mobile usage. But in her presentation on internet trends at the D10 conference today, she pointed out how low the returns are for businesses trying to monetise their mobile sites. Average CPMs on mobile are a 5th of those on the desktop […]

Warning: this post contains graphic scenes

Today, a roundup of some graphs related to yesterday’s release of newspaper circulation numbers in the United States. Warning, these graphs may disturb anyone who believes printed news isn’t fading fast. Discretion is advised. How much has newspaper household penetration fallen since WW2? From almost 130 per cent to only 33 per cent. Allan Mutter […]

Video: Saving the Silverton Standard

John Temple mentioned this wonderful story a couple of weeks ago on his blog, and I thought it was well worth sharing. The town of Silverton, Colorado has saved its weekly newspaper in an innovative way. Read John’s post, or better yet watch the video above to get the story. Talk about being a jack-of-all-trades! […]