The content marketing deluge

You’ve probably noticed it already. Content everywhere, yet so much of it a waste of time. Marketing departments churning it out with a focus on quantity, not quality. Plus search engines serving it up as readily as they do the good stuff. Doug Kessler, in this amusing presentation, warns that although poor content is still […]

GPS needs TLC

There’s no question that the Global Positioning System is a great tool, although I confess I’ve never used it (unless you count sitting in the back of a taxi while the driver finds his way down unfamiliar roads via a little electronic map on the dashboard). Coming on the scene in 1995, it wasn’t available […]

Advertising ban uncovers the good and bad

Effective the beginning of this year, South America’s largest city, Sao Paulo, banned all outdoor advertising. By all accounts, the billboards – most of them illegal – were truly blotting the landscape. And residents of this city of more than 11 million now seem happy with the uncluttered look and uncovered architecture (unless they work in […]

The feed works

I finally got around to fixing the RSS feed (a simple matter, once again, of tracking down the problem via the well-indexed WordPress forums). A link to the feed is near the bottom of the left hand sidebar, or you can just copy this address to your feed reader:

How strong’s your freewill?

Can you resist the power of a Supersize offer at McDonald’s? Christopher Lydon at Open Source Radio examines freewill, and the many ways we seem vulnerable to persuasion. We can even be persuaded to do things we have only a few minutes earlier decided not to do. Like going for the Supersize offer. Are we […]