Thomson buys Reuters

Toronto-based business publisher Thomson Corp has bought UK-based news and financial data service Reuters for US$17.2 billion. The merged companies will become the world’s largest provider of financial information – a position currently held by Bloomberg. According to a report at Reuters Founders Share Company, which has the power to block a change of ownership […]

Outsourcing journalism to cut costs

Outsourcing to reduce labour costs has caught on in many industries, and it’s happening in journalism too. The latest example is, where editor and publisher James Macpherson is recruiting a journalist based in India to cover local politics in California. The reporter will be expected to watch council meetings online and conduct interviews by phone or email. […]

Thomson and Reuters confirm takeover talks

Toronto-based business publisher Thomson Corp has confirmed it is in talks to purchase UK-based news and financial data service Reuters. The talks were first rumoured last week. According to a report at this morning: If Tuesday’s proposed deal is successful, Woodbridge — the Thomson family holding company — would own about 53 per cent of […]

Royals on page one

The top news story in Britain today is, no prizes for guessing, the breakup of Prince William and Kate Middleton. There are suggestions that pressure was put on William by the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, and the Prince of Wales. Nigel Barlow surveys the angles adopted by the various Sunday papers. I guess this would […]

Outrage as UK ‘hostages’ sell their stories

The 15 British military personnel detained by Iran for 13 days have been given permission by the Ministry of Defence to sell their stories, reports the Observer: The former captives are expected to make around £250,000 between them. Faye Turney, the 26-year-old seawoman, is likely to get the most profitable deal. She is said to have […]