Us Now

The one-hour video Us Now is an excellent primer on web-enabled social innovation, with examples that include Couch Surfing, Slice the Pie and Zopa. And for a taste of participatory democracy, there’s the remarkable Ebbsfleet United, “the world’s first and only web community-owned football club” (not to mention FA Trophy winners).

Perils of context-based advertising

I’ll never forget the day several years ago when Google AdSense first appeared on One of our news stories that day was about a near-fatal shark attack in Australia. As soon as we switched on AdSense, pages carrying the shark attack story sprouted ads for cage-diving operators offering “swim with the sharks” experiences. If memory serves, […]

Overseas visitors outnumber locals on UK media sites

Many major UK media websites draw more than half of their unique visitors from offshore, according to web ratings service comScore, which reports: …in April 2007 many of the UK’s largest traditional media sites attracted more visitors from overseas than from within the UK. comScore data revealed that online visitors from outside the UK outnumbered the […]

Design an Olympics logo

Unimpressed by the logo [above] for the 2012 London Olympics unveiled this week? You’re not alone. The BBC website has a number of alternatives, submitted by its readers, including some very nice work. If you’d like to try your hand, you might ponder this advice from Seth Godin: If you’re given the task of finding a […]

Guardian silent on plagiarism question

It’s amazing how unresponsive some media organizations can become when they are called to account. A case in point is a British website,, the online edition of the Guardian newspaper. A few weeks ago, I noticed that a column by one of its media commentators, Rory O’Connor, sounded familiar. So I checked into it. Sure enough, […]

Online ad spending tops 10pc in Britain

  British broadcasters saw their share of the advertising market fall last year to the lowest level in five years, while internet advertising for the first time accounted for more than 10 per cent of all advertising expenditure. Figures from the Advertising Association show that TV ad spending was down 4.7 per cent and radio […]