Washington Post redesigns mobile services

The Washington Post has launched a new selection of mobile services, including an iPhone-optimized site, a BlackBerry application, and other variations to work on cellphones. The services use a simplified navigation structure, comprising Politics, Business, Metro, Arts and Lifestyle, and Sports sections. MediaPost reports that the services were built in-house, and that two editors have […]

Blackberry email service recovering, but company says little

— Research in Motion’s website made no mention of the system failure Canadian technology company Research in Motion says it has restored mobile email service to most of its eight million Blackberry customers in the Western Hemisphere. The service¬†went offline Tuesday evening due to unspecified technical problems. RIM’s handling of the outage isn’t looking too […]

Why mobile search is different

An interesting item by Omar Tawakol at SearchInsider on why mobile search needs to be different from desk-top search. …assuring a pleasing mobile search means a number of things, including: providing consumers a click-saving experience that returns answers instead of links; inferring a consumer’s context from his or her device, location and other information within […]

Feature fatigue annoys mobile users

There’s an interesting post about “feature fatigue” on mobile devices by Steve Smith at Mobile Insider, based on a study by the CMO [Chief Marketing Officer] Council. I particularly liked this comment by Smith: I think that mobile content would do well to get over itself. Let’s face it; having in-hand my headlines, email, games, […]