This newspaper owner is doing OK

Times may be tough for some newspaper owners, but Santa Barbara News-Press co-publisher Wendy McCaw appears to be getting by just fine. Her helicopter-toting 193-foot motoryacht Calixe is in Toronto, drawing plenty of admiring looks. Ms McCaw and her fiancĂ©, Arthur von Wiesenberger, are co-publishers of the News-Press, a newspaper she purchased in 2000 from […]

Maintaining the IT infrastructure at sea

My friend Bruce is doing a little sailing in French Polynesia, taking the opportunity to join up with friends of his who are sailing their yacht from Ecuador to New Zealand. It’s not all fresh fish, tradewinds and cocktails at sundown, however. According to a blog post from Bruce’s shipmate Roger, a neighbouring yacht has […]

Old boat lives on

In an idle moment I thought I’d Google the name of the sailboat that I sold 12 years ago after sailing from Vancouver to Auckland. And I got a pleasant surprise. Out of the perhaps dozens of boats named Oceana, one of the first search results was obviously our faithful old boat. It’s wonderful to […]