How do we recognise beauty?

The Washington Post set up and recorded an ingenious social experiment. Joshua Bell is one of the world’s greatest violinists. His instrument of choice is a multimillion-dollar Stradivarius. If he played it for spare change, incognito, outside a bustling Metro stop in Washington, would anyone notice? The results are thought-provoking, and the story beautifully told. It’s […]

A new blog every 1.4 seconds

If you haven’t taken a speed-reading course, maybe it’s time to consider it, because keeping up with the blogosphere is getting tougher all the time. The latest report from Technorati chief executive Dave Sifry shows the number of blogs increasing by about 120,000 per day, although that’s a slightly lower rate of growth than six months […]

Do online readers really read more?

A few days ago I blogged about the Poynter Institute’s latest EyeTrack study, which claimed that online readers of news stories read more of each story than print edition readers. [online 77%, broadsheet 62%, tabloid 57%] I found the analysis unconvincing and commented in this blog that there was no comparision provided of typical story lengths. […]

Online readers last longer

  Readers of online news read much further into stories than readers of print news, according to the latest Eye Track study by the Poynter Institute.  The 600 readers in the study, which was conducted in four US cities, were each given 15 minutes to read whatever stories they wished, while their eye movements were […]