Readers choose linear navigation for slideshows

Research published yesterday by the Online Journalism Review suggests that online readers tend to use linear navigation tools when viewing a slideshow. The study had 34 people view a 40-slide show at The show provided three options for linear navigation: a forward arrow button, a “next” button and autoplay. There were two non-linear options: an […]

Overseas visitors outnumber locals on UK media sites

Many major UK media websites draw more than half of their unique visitors from offshore, according to web ratings service comScore, which reports: …in April 2007 many of the UK’s largest traditional media sites attracted more visitors from overseas than from within the UK. comScore data revealed that online visitors from outside the UK outnumbered the […]

Online ad spending tops 10pc in Britain

  British broadcasters saw their share of the advertising market fall last year to the lowest level in five years, while internet advertising for the first time accounted for more than 10 per cent of all advertising expenditure. Figures from the Advertising Association show that TV ad spending was down 4.7 per cent and radio […]

Newspapers and TV losing audience

Bad news this week for the newspaper and television industries in the United States. Research by the Newspaper Association of America revealed declining circulations during the six months ending March 31, 2007: According to the analysis, the average daily circulation for the 745 newspapers reporting for comparable periods was 44,961,066, a decrease of 2.1 per cent […]

Online ad spend tops C$1 billion

Online advertising brought Canadian publishers just over $1 billion in 2006, according to an annual survey by the Interactive Advertising Bureau released today. That’s an increase of 80% over 2005 revenues. The survey is based on revenue data supplied by the 87 largest online publishers. The biggest increase [120%] was in classified and directory advertising which […]