Warning: this post contains graphic scenes

Today, a roundup of some graphs related to yesterday’s release of newspaper circulation numbers in the United States. Warning, these graphs may disturb anyone who believes printed news isn’t fading fast. Discretion is advised. How much has newspaper household penetration fallen since WW2? From almost 130 per cent to only 33 per cent. Allan Mutter […]

Newspapers and TV losing audience

Bad news this week for the newspaper and television industries in the United States. Research by the Newspaper Association of America revealed declining circulations during the six months ending March 31, 2007: According to the analysis, the average daily circulation for the 745 newspapers reporting for comparable periods was 44,961,066, a decrease of 2.1 per cent […]

Latest newspaper circulation report

[adapted from Audit Bureau of Circulation] As websites continue to draw more readers and more advertising dollars, the news isn’t all bad for newspapers. Latest figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulation show that the Dominion Post, Hawke’s Bay Today, Southland Times, Taranaki Daily News and the Waikato Times generally retained circulation in the audit period […]