Investors urged to support innovators

Wealthy New Zealanders need to open their cheque books to support innovative ventures, and should not be frightened by the “correction” that wiped $3 trillion off global technology stocks, says one of the country’s top banking executives. Scott Perkins, chief executive of Deutsche Bank New Zealand, told the Catching the Knowledge Wave conference in Auckland […]

Innovation isn’t everything

The United States is 90 per cent more innovative than the other OECD countries due to a rare combination of factors, but countries such as New Zealand can succeed in other ways, says an American economic forecaster. Dr Horace “Woody” Brock, a mathematician and head of Strategic Economic Decisions, told a group of delegates at […]

Biotech set to blossom

Biotechnology can flourish anywhere there is the capital to support it – but researchers need to collaborate and address public uneasiness about their work, says the leader of the first team to map the human genome. Dr Craig Venter, president and chief scientific officer of Celera Genomics Corporation, was speaking to the Catching the Knowledge […]

Passionate teachers made the difference for top scientist

The New Zealand-born director of pharmacology at a giant US pharmaceutical company says we need to encourage “esoteric research” and high quality teaching at universities, while not underestimating the importance of teaching in our secondary schools. Jilly Evans, speaking at the Catching the Knowledge Wave conference in Auckland this afternoon, described how her interest in […]

New Zealand radio’s big myth

For years, the New Zealand radio industry has trumpeted that this country has “more radio stations per capita than anywhere else”. This “fact” has been repeated by countless journalists who apparently can’t be bothered working out the numbers for themselves. In 1999 I sent the following letter to the editor of Unlimited magazine, and an […]