Mesh Conference

Video: Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster at Mesh 07

Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster at Mesh 07 - Click to play

For anyone who didn’t get to last week’s Mesh conference in Toronto, good news. Mark Evans‘ keynote discussion with the very laid back Craigslist Chief Executive Jim Buckmaster is now online.

Buckmaster explains how to make more than enough money to meet your needs, by just doing things that your customers request. His don’t-be-greedy approach must help discourage would-be competitors. Craigslist’s huge scale means it can be profitable, even though it only charges a small fee for a few types of listings and allows users to post the rest free of charge.

The video of this discussion is high-resolution and about 16 minutes long, so may take a while to download, even on broadband.

It was produced by Greg Philpott’s new Toronto-based business mdialogue, which has other video from Mesh too.

Mdialogue, by the way, is aimed at people who want to publish DVD and HDV quality videos online, including movie-length files.

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All meshed out

Mesh Conference

Thanks to our genial hosts Stuart, Rob, Mathew, Mark and Mike for a second great Mesh conference in Toronto – and the promise of Mesh 3 next year!

Highlights of this year’s Mesh, which wrapped up at the MaRS Discovery Centre this afternoon, are at the Mesh blog.

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Mesh program posted

The program for this month’s Mesh conference in Toronto has just been posted.

The big names (Mike Arrington, Richard Edelman, Rachel Sklar, Austin Hill, etc.) had already been announced, but now we can actually figure out how to hear as many of them as possible on May 30 and 31!

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