Washington Posts fires blogger, then dives for cover

It’s fascinating to compare these two accounts of the sacking of washingtonpost.com White House Watch blogger Dan Froomkin: From the Washington City Paper, full of juicy quotes from Post insiders From the Washington Post’s ombudsman, who got stonewalled by his own colleagues. Hat tip: Jay Rosen UPDATE July 7: Froomkin joins huffingtonpost.com as Washington DC […]

Fake essay services banned by Google

The BBC reports that Google will no longer accept advertising on its AdWords system from providers of academic essays. You’ve probably seen some of the ads. Why bother to write that paper, when you can browse a library of existing papers and make the purchase online? [Heck, why not go all the way and just […]

Guardian silent on plagiarism question

It’s amazing how unresponsive some media organizations can become when they are called to account. A case in point is a British website, guardian.co.uk, the online edition of the Guardian newspaper. A few weeks ago, I noticed that a column by one of its media commentators, Rory O’Connor, sounded familiar. So I checked into it. Sure enough, […]

We don’t really want to know

  I don’t know about you, but I find the trend in today’s globeandmail.com poll quite disturbing. As of early this afternoon, more than three quarters of respondents felt it was NEVER acceptable for “a bureaucrat or employee to leak sensitive internal documents”. Barely one in five thought it would be acceptable if the leak were […]

WTF? CBS bans comments on Obama stories

Are the people running CBSNews.com out of their minds? Or are they just letting panic drive their decisions? According to CBS blog Public Eye, the CBS website will no longer permit readers to post comments on stories about presidential candidate Barack Obama, but WILL continue to permit comments on stories about other candidates. Public Eye […]

CBC withholds killer’s multimedia manifesto, NBC seizes branding opportunity

The CBC is the only major Canadian news website choosing not to run pictures and video that Virigina Tech killer Cho Seung-Hui mailed to US network NBC. CBC editor-in-chief Tony Burman said on his blog that the material would not be broadcast on CBC’s radio or television programs either: …we debated the issue throughout the […]

CBS still covering up

Katie Couric’s podcast commentary on Barack Obama [“Is America ready to elect a president who grew up praying in a mosque?”] has been removed from CBSnews.com and replaced by an extensively edited text-only version that highlights new wording while giving no indication of what was removed. [jadegreen, however, compares the edited commentary with the original […]