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Student’s video records road rage

A Toronto high school student has captured on video scenes of a cyclist being bashed by a car driver.

The amateur video is now on YouTube and has been given to the police. City TV reports that a Toronto police officer [on leave since 2004] has turned himself in and been charged with assault.

The student was in a group studying the use of surveillance cameras in downtown Toronto when the attack occurred.

We used to talk about “Kodak moments”. Now it’s more likely to be “YouTube moments”. Or opportunities for anyone to commit citizen journalism.

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Resourceful students cover campus massacre

A student newspaper editor who was only three weeks into the job led coverage of yesterday’s massacre of more than 30 people at Virginia Tech.

Amie Steele’s team at Collegiate Times not only published an expanded 16-page newspaper this morning, they kept their website updated throughout the events yesterday despite an overload that forced them to change servers mid-stream.

They posted a victims list overnight, and identified the killer, Cho Seung-Hui, an hour before his name was released by police.

All of this at a time when many of them must have been worried about, or possibly mourning, friends on campus.

Joe Strupp describes what went on at Collegiate Times in an article at Editor & Publisher.

Other students published their own accounts of the shootings, using blogs, Facebook and Wikipedia, as Mathew Ingram summarizes.

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