Bloggers help Globe & Mail create Toronto hub

One of Canada’s two national newspapers, the Globe and Mail, is going after Toronto readers with help from local blog site Torontoist. In an announcement on the Globe’s website late Friday night, Toronto editor Kelly Grant [pictured with the announcement] said the newspaper had created an online Toronto hub that would include material from Torontoist, […]

NFB puts Canadian films online

Canadians miss out on some of the great online video options available south of the border (e.g. hulu. com,, but this week brought something to ease our frustration. The National Film Board has posted 700 filmsĀ on its website where they can be viewed in full, for free. It’s a great move, considering the tremendous […]

Publishing goes high-tech

Research and development departments are not something one generally associates with newspaper companies – even those that have remodelled themselves as multi-channel news companies. But at the New York Times, Nick Bilton leads a team designing technologies “that will become commonplace in a 24-48-month time frame.” Another sign that the Times is investing now for […]

The Editor as Content Strategist

One of the best things I’ve read over these recent holidays as been the Content Strategy feature published in mid December by A List Apart. I particularly like Kristina Halvorson’s summary of content strategy as a discipline. Her suggestions are just as useful to editors at online news services as they are to information architects, […]