New CBC Radio front page a standout has launched a new front page design, plus new section fronts for Radio [pictured above] and Sports. All three front pages, like the CBC News front which was redesigned a while ago, are built to the now-common 1024-pixel width. Story pages and the CBC TV front page remain at 800-pixels wide, however, so are looking old-fashioned […]

Readers choose linear navigation for slideshows

Research published yesterday by the Online Journalism Review suggests that online readers tend to use linear navigation tools when viewing a slideshow. The study had 34 people view a 40-slide show at The show provided three options for linear navigation: a forward arrow button, a “next” button and autoplay. There were two non-linear options: an […]

Interface design can drive you crazy

Puzzled by the cryptic little symbols and labels on some modern electronics? Then you’ll probably appreciate Darren Barefoot’s posting Laundry, chicken, iTunes and levels of abstraction in user interface design. It’s an amusing and non-technical assessment of how much information we need to successfully operate various devices — and of how interface designers can get […]

Nice design update at blogTO

The crew at blogTO were at work during this past holiday weekend, putting a new shine on one of Toronto’s most compelling online destinations. As blogTO publisher Tim Shore notes, the site is looking more and more like one of those mainstream publications, complete with horizontal navigation, email newsletter, and integrated audio player. (And, to […]

NY Times and SP Times dominate SND awards

  Seven works of multimedia journalism have been honoured with awards from the Society of News Design. Dim view from a crowded jail (picture above), produced for by the St Petersburg Times, was recognized for bringing together “photos, statistics, and the voices of inmates and guards”. Judges cited the reporter’s first-person soundslide on being […]