How I made a viral video

After 20 years running some pretty successful web publishing operations, I know I have a good sense of what people like to see and read online. Over the recent Christmas holidays, I decided to put that knowledge to use in making what I hoped would be a popular video on Facebook for the business Cat […]

Online video viewing up 68%

Online video viewing has increased dramatically over the past year, according to US data from Nielsen Online. The Nielsen chart above shows an increase in the number of viewers, but even stronger growth in the number of minutes that each viewer spent, on average, watching online video. This made me wonder about the growth in […]

Sun photographers’ anger is misguided

Photographers at the Baltimore Sun are withholding their bylines for three days this week in a dispute over newsroom convergence. I think that’s likely to prove an ineffectual protest, and a misguided one. The 18 photographers are upset that their employer wants to equip reporters with cameras so they can shoot stills and video for the Sun and its website. The […]

Video: Microsoft’s amazing surface computer

This video has been floating around for a few days on blogs and on Digg, but it’s so good, I wanted to be sure to include it here too. It’s a report by on Microsoft’s new coffee-table computer — a device that uses “multi-touch” input to manipulate files, and which can recognize and interact with actual objects […]

Video ads encourage click-throughs

Online ad-serving company DoubleClick says video ads get roughly twice the interaction of static image ads on websites. The findings are part of a study of 300 online video ads last year. The video control consumers are most likely to click is the “Play” button. At 0.32 per cent, consumers are roughly twice as likely […]