Latest global web stats

Top Global web properties. Source: comScore

Here are the latest global site rankings from comScore Networks, aggregated by site owner and reflecting web traffic for the month of February.

comScore estimates the total number of website visitors aged 15 and older to be almost 740 million.*

Almost two-thirds of those visitors visited a Microsoft site at least once during the month, which isn’t at all surprising with modern PCs set to automatically check in as often as once a day for the latest Windows updates.

Social networking site Facebook.com was the sixth-most engaging site worldwide in February, although it was only the 73-most visited site. comScore measures engagement as the average number of visits made to a site by a unique visitor during one month. One needs to avoid getting too excited by extremely high engagement measures though. Online auction sites, for example, may have very high numbers of repeat visits but users may be so focused on tracking the progress of their auctions that they don’t even notice display advertising on the site.

*The comScore data come from a sample of two million internet users and do not include traffic from public computers such as internet cafes and access from mobile phones or PDAs.

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