Companies need balance for content marketing success

Marketers are unbalanced, says a new report from Altimeter Group. (Insert your favourite marketing joke here.) But in this case, it’s not counseling they need, rather a change in strategy to accommodate the trend away from advertising and towards content marketing. In Content: The New Marketing Equation, Altimeter analyst Rebecca Lieb, writes: Marketers are reeling […]

Washington Posts fires blogger, then dives for cover

It’s fascinating to compare these two accounts of the sacking of White House Watch blogger Dan Froomkin: From the Washington City Paper, full of juicy quotes from Post insiders From the Washington Post’s ombudsman, who got stonewalled by his own colleagues. Hat tip: Jay Rosen UPDATE July 7: Froomkin joins as Washington DC […]

NY Times covers local news with new blog

At a time when national and international news is available just about everywhere online [including on portal sites, webmail services and news aggregators], in-depth local coverage is being recognized as a key competitive advantage for newspaper websites. Even the New York Times, one of the strongest news “brands” globally, is emphasizing local news online. The paper today launched the […]

BlogTO introduces maps — on paper

The ever-innovative blogTO, one of Toronto’s top blog sites, is expanding into print with a series of local maps available from retailers in various neighbourhoods. The series begins with four maps, shown above. BlogTO editor Tim Shore sees advertising opportunities for local businesses, as well as a way to draw more people to blogTO: Each map […]