How I made a viral video

After 20 years running some pretty successful web publishing operations, I know I have a good sense of what people like to see and read online. Over the recent Christmas holidays, I decided to put that knowledge to use in making what I hoped would be a popular video on Facebook for the business Cat […]

Meeker on mobile

Analyst Mary Meeker believe we have only begun to see the growth of mobile usage. But in her presentation on internet trends at the D10 conference today, she pointed out how low the returns are for businesses trying to monetise their mobile sites. Average CPMs on mobile are a 5th of those on the desktop […]

Companies need balance for content marketing success

Marketers are unbalanced, says a new report from Altimeter Group. (Insert your favourite marketing joke here.) But in this case, it’s not counseling they need, rather a change in strategy to accommodate the trend away from advertising and towards content marketing. In Content: The New Marketing Equation, Altimeter analyst Rebecca Lieb, writes: Marketers are reeling […]

Gap widens between top NZ news sites

Latest data from Neilsen show that has extended its lead in the General News category with growth of 29 per cent in the number of NZ-based average daily unique browsers when compared to the same category ranking a year ago. The Wellington-based site, owned by Fairfax, now enjoys a lead of 48 per cent […]

Top-of-mind websites in New Zealand

Ask a New Zealander to name a website domain name, and here’s what you get., the country’s most-visited website, is the domain most often mentioned by Kiwis, followed by,, and The information comes from the Colmar Brunton survey Internet Domain Names in New Zealand, commissioned by the New Zealand Domain […]