Tehnorati gives blog authors authority

Technorati simplified its blog rating and ranking system a week ago today. The major change is one of emphasis. The headline figure for each blog is now its “Authority” rating – the number of blogs that link to it. This number was available to bloggers in the past, but things could get confusing because Technorati also quoted […]

From the Onion: ‘Most e-mailed’ list tearing NY Times newsroom apart

Humour from the Onion: NEW YORK—A feature on the New York Times‘ website that lists the stories most e-mailed by readers is destroying morale and escalating tensions among the once-dignified and professional Times staff, sources within the newspaper of record said Tuesday. This week’s most frequently e-mailed story, titled “In Manhattan, Even Felines Have Therapists,” […]

What we love about site design

Lost Remote has tips on what viewers love about their local TV websites (tongue in cheek, but oh so believable). For example: “My friends are forever asking “What do you suppose that anchor is doing in the community?” I’m glad I can find that.” “Please tell me more about your weekend, overnight photog and how […]

Can I misquote you on that?

In its review of a soon-to-be released book about popular misquotations, Britain’s Guardian newspaper managed to misquote the name of the book. From the Guardian’s daily list of corrections: A report headed Beam me up Scotty – and misquote me for better effect, page 4, October 25, misquoted the title of the book from which […]