Kiwi stunt promotes breaking news on the web

From the breaking news battleground in New Zealand… One of the country’s leading news websites,, drew a crowd in downtown Auckland last Thursday, causing pedestrians to look up, grab their mobile phone cameras and start clicking. The publicity stunt (click the video above to watch) touts the site’s commitment to being first with breaking […]

No such thing as bad publicity

The comments have been snarky, but it’s been a great couple of weeks for raising awareness of Twitter. Jon Stewart on the Daily Show lampooned US lawmakers who thought twittering was more important than paying attention to President Obama’s State of the Union speech (above). And Doonesbury’s ace reporter Roland Hedley faced the Twitter equivalent […]

Facebook as a marketing platform

If you thought Facebook was just about staying in touch with friends, or finding long-lost schoolmates, then you’ll be blown away by Facebook Fanatic, a book whose authors say they will reveal: 75 Ways to Buzz Your Band Popularity Tips and Tricks to Make You Facebook Royalty Coolest Profile Names and URLs Get Celebrities and […]

Interface design can drive you crazy

Puzzled by the cryptic little symbols and labels on some modern electronics? Then you’ll probably appreciate Darren Barefoot’s posting Laundry, chicken, iTunes and levels of abstraction in user interface design. It’s an amusing and non-technical assessment of how much information we need to successfully operate various devices — and of how interface designers can get […]

US journalist offers outsourced news of Indian politics

šŸ˜‰ Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten isn’t standly idly by whileĀ low-paid journalistsĀ cover Pasadena, California from computers in India. He’s decided to try outsourcing himself, starting with coverage of theĀ Tamil NaduĀ state legislature in southern India, which he has been following via webcast. Well, he followed one meeting at least. Enough to get the gist of things. […]

Optimizing baby’s name

Selecting a baby’s name was seldom easy. You had to please the parents, and the grandparents, and make sure it wasn’t going to be an invitation to playground taunts. But nowadays savvy parents also have to be sure their child’sĀ name is search-engine optimized. The Wall Street Journal looks at the occurrence [I’m not sure we […]