Bloggers help Globe & Mail create Toronto hub

One of Canada’s two national newspapers, the Globe and Mail, is going after Toronto readers with help from local blog site Torontoist. In an announcement on the Globe’s website late Friday night, Toronto editor Kelly Grant [pictured with the announcement] said the newspaper had created an online Toronto hub that would include material from Torontoist, […]

Making a video from transit data

I love this data visualization, which anyone from Toronto will immediately recognize as a map of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) routes. As the clock moves through 24 hours, it’s fun to see how the TTC comes to life, with the buses and streetcars getting thicker on the roads as day breaks and the first […]

NFB puts Canadian films online

Canadians miss out on some of the great online video options available south of the border (e.g. hulu. com,, but this week brought something to ease our frustration. The National Film Board has posted 700 films on its website where they can be viewed in full, for free. It’s a great move, considering the tremendous […]

Questioning the obsession with economic growth

Growing up immersed in the environmental movement of the 1970s, my thinking on economics was definitely shaped by concepts such as resource sustainability and limits to growth. Then came the 1980s and 1990s, when western societies seemed to reject such ideas as hopelessly naive, assuming instead that limitless growth was not only possible but essential […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone and, if you’re a reader of the Toronto Star’s print edition, yes it is 2009 even though this morning’s newspaper might have had you checking the calendar for a moment. The front page of today’s Star features the iconic blue ribbon nameplate which had been removed in a 2007 redesign. John […]