New CBC Radio front page a standout has launched a new front page design, plus new section fronts for Radio [pictured above] and Sports. All three front pages, like the CBC News front which was redesigned a while ago, are built to the now-common 1024-pixel width. Story pages and the CBC TV front page remain at 800-pixels wide, however, so are looking old-fashioned […]

Afghan radio boss murdered

From Reporters Without Borders: Reporters Without Borders today voiced deep shock at the murder overnight of Zakia Zaki, a leading figure among Afghanistan’s independent journalists. Two armed men broke into the family home of the head of radio Sada-e-Sulh (Peace Radio) in Jabalussaraj, in the northern province of Parwan, and gunned her down in front […]

Imus fired for racist comments

CBS has sacked radio shock jock Don Imus in a welcome display of good judgment. Pity it took such a huge public outcry. Rob Hyndman suggests CBS Radio was waiting to gauge the financial repercussions as advertisers deserted the Imus show – and that, unfortunately, is exactly how it appears. * My earlier post on the Imus […]

Copper thieves take CFUN off air

A Vancouver radio station was knocked off the air when thieves stole parts of its transmitter yesterday. CFUN, an AM talk station, was reduced to broadcasting via the web for about four hours after the break-in at its transmitter site. Station programme director Stu Ferguson told Canadian Press the thieves were probably after copper wiring. They must […]