Radio ratings

Radio ratings out

Share of commercial radio listening, ages 10+, national
National audience share. Source: The Radio Bureau

The twice yearly radio ratings have been released, and all the details are available on The Radio Bureau website, including the following summary of national listening:

  • Overall, the number of listeners of Commercial Radio has gone up by 8,600 listeners nationally (All 10+). Cume Audiences for Main HHS has gone up by 39,000 listeners nationally while for AP 25-54, 13,800 new listeners are tuning in over the course of the week.
  • The introduction of “The Breeze” into Auckland has led to a huge increase in its national audience, a growth of 93,300 listeners and 1.8% market share growth among AP 10+.
  • Classic Hits has increased its cume audience by 3,800 listeners (AP 25-54), further consolidating its position as the No.1 station among this target.
  • The Rock has increased its cume audience among AP 10+ by 22,500 listeners. Among AP 18-34, it has retained its position as the top ranked station.
  • The Coast has had an increase of 17,800 listeners among AP 10+, helping it increase its share from 5% to 5.4% nationally.
  • Radio Live has increased its cume audience by 13,300 among All People 25-54, thus increasing its market share from 1.5% to 2.1%.
  • Nui FM has had an increase of 13,500 listeners among all listeners 10+.
  • ZM has increased its audience base amongst AP 10+ by 9,500 listeners.
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