New CBC Radio front page a standout has launched a new front page design, plus new section fronts for Radio [pictured above] and Sports. All three front pages, like the CBC News front which was redesigned a while ago, are built to the now-common 1024-pixel width. Story pages and the CBC TV front page remain at 800-pixels wide, however, so are looking old-fashioned […]


Andrew Lundy, senior producer at, is interviewed via instant messaging on the Tea Makers blog. It’s an interesting chat, once you get past the fact that Lundy is being interviewed by a blogger who claims to work for the CBC but won’t reveal his/her identity [just like most everyone who adds comments to the blog]. Having […]

Another online exec leaves CBC

Only a week after the CBC announced the resignation of chief Sue Gardner, comes word that her counterpart at the Corporation’s French website is also departing. Tod Mafin reports that Yann Paquet is leaving CBC to join Reader’s Digest.

Departing head wants ‘new challenge’

Sue Gardner has commented on her reasons for resigning as head of, saying she’s looking for a “new challenge”. Staff were told on Tuesday that Gardner would be leaving the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on June 1, after almost 17 years in various CBC roles. I emailed her to ask why, and she responded as […]

New Chair at CBC

The Government has appointed Timothy Casgrain to be the new Chair of the CBC, replacing author Guy Fournier who resigned last year after he spoke at length about bowel movements during an interview (of course you remember). Casgrain is currently Chair of aviation company Skyservice Investments Inc. Canadian Journalist picks up the story.

CBC withholds killer’s multimedia manifesto, NBC seizes branding opportunity

The CBC is the only major Canadian news website choosing not to run pictures and video that Virigina Tech killer Cho Seung-Hui mailed to US network NBC. CBC editor-in-chief Tony Burman said on his blog that the material would not be broadcast on CBC’s radio or television programs either: …we debated the issue throughout the […]