Murdoch says Aussie broadband too slow

Seems I’m not the only one unhappy with their so-called “broadband”. As reported in today’s Australian, Rupert Murdoch told News Corp shareholders yesterday that typical internet speeds in Australia of less than 1Mbps were “a disgrace”. He wants the Australian government and Telstra to spend A$10-12 billion to get 20Mbps connections available throughout the country: …they […]

Live radio resurges in Australia

Just when it appeared automation would rule the airwaves, live radio is enjoying a minor resurgence in Australia, thanks in part to syndicated programming. The general manager of Sky Radio Network, Brendan Sheedy, said his company supplies at least some syndicated service to virtually all of Australia’s 160 commercial radio stations, and most of it is […]

Equipment failure paralyzes Tuvalu radio

In the tiny Pacific nation of Tuvalu (formerly the Ellice Islands), Pusinelli Laafai is unhappy. Although he is the manager of Radio Tuvalu, Laafai is powerless to restore his country’s one-year-old FM network, which went off the air due to equipment failure at eight remote transmitter sites.  “When we first switched from AM to satellite FM […]

Radio Australia to survive, but with reduced services

After months of uncertainty, Radio Australia has been promised enough money to stay on the air, but not enough to maintain all its services. The Australian government will cut funding to the international broadcaster from AUD$20.5 million annually to AUD$7.4 million for each of the next three years. Donald McDonald, chairman of the state-owned Australian […]

Radio Australia under threat

Radio Australia, the 58-year-old international service of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), has reacted vigorously to a suggestion that it be closed in order to save money. The suggestion was contained in a government-commissioned report on the state-owned ABC prepared by Bob Mansfield, a former chief executive in the telecommunications and newspaper industries.  Mansfield received 10,615 […]