Internet and magazines defy US ad slump

Ad spending across all media in the United States declined 0.3 per cent in the first quarter of this year, compared with the same period last year, according to estimates compiled by TNS Media Intelligence. Spending on television, newspapers and radio was down, but more advertising dollars went to magazines and to the internet. Online […]

Massive staff cuts at web publisher Geosign

As many as 100 of the 215 employees at Guelph, Ontario-based niche web publisher Geosign have lost their jobs. The story seems to be that the company, which less than two months ago captured $160 million in private funding, was caught in Google’s crackdown on AdWords arbitrage. [Click that link above for a video explanation of […]

Optimizing baby’s name

Selecting a baby’s name was seldom easy. You had to please the parents, and the grandparents, and make sure it wasn’t going to be an invitation to playground taunts. But nowadays savvy parents also have to be sure their child’s name is search-engine optimized. The Wall Street Journal looks at the occurrence [I’m not sure we […]