A strange beast of a blog

14 June 2014: The blog referenced in this post,, appears to no longer exist.

10 Oct 2006: Sarah McDonald in the NBR reported on this today, and the Internet Bureau’s response will be in the NBR next week.


There’s a new “blog” in town. And while I ought to be delighted to see people prepared to debate online advertising models – and to do so online, in public – this blog seems a strange beast.

New Zealand Online Media attempts to blogify a position paper produced by executives from five advertising agencies. It is a blog in name only, containing only one posting, undated, that reads like a pitch. It’s a sort of blog-by-committee with the five authors’ names and email addresses noted in the sidebar. There’s even a posting headed “summary” – which is probably the last thing you’ll ever see on a genuine blog!

At least the authors are clear about their objectives, signalled in the site’s subtitle: “What’s wrong with New Zealand’s online media industry?”

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