Search marketer slams Canadian advertisers

Some harsh words for Canadian advertisers regarding their use — or non-use — of paid search:

Toronto seems to be the epicenter of the orifice that Canadian advertisers have lodged their collective heads in. The city doesn’t get it, the province doesn’t get it, the country doesn’t get it. When it comes to search, Canada (with a few exceptions) is clueless.

That’s from a Canadian, by the way. Gord Hotchkiss is president of search marketing firm Enquiro and he lives in the United States British Columbia. 

He’s been in Toronto this week for the Search Engine Strategies conference, but it sounds like he’ll be glad to get back across the border. He may be safer there too.

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2 Responses to Search marketer slams Canadian advertisers

  1. Nope..I live in Canada, BC in fact. And I love this particular side of the border (although I love down south as well). So I basically crapped in my own backyard. But what the hell, if a Canadian can’t say we suck, who can?

  2. Neil says:

    Thanks for the correction Gord. You’re even braver than I thought!

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