Can advertisers be lured to Panama?

Yahoo! has launched its paid search system, Panama, replacing the outdated Overture.

Amr Awadallah (who works for Yahoo!) blogs about the features of Panama, including a quality-ordering system to rank paid search results by relevance, not just how much the advertiser paid to be associated with the search terms.

Amr’s blog has provoked some interesting comments too, from several people who reckon Yahoo! has no chance of overtaking the paid search leader, Google. But competition in this area is long overdue, so I’m hoping Panama can deliver a real alternative.

The name seems an odd choice, however. Although I’ve gotten used to having an online shopping mall named after a river (Amazon) I think country names carry too many associations (positive and negative, depending on your point of view) to be clear and effective brand names for other products.

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  1. The name Panama is more related to the “Panama Canal” project, which was a very hard project, hence the name.

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